Central to the good news as espoused by Christ is the doctrines of repentance, forgiveness, and newness of life. Sex offenders will prey on the praying along these lines. They will play these notes perfectly, sedating the masses with their own piety.

t is my opinion that recidivism rates are low in large part because incarcerated offenders become more crafty, less likely to be caught – to be sure chances were already slim, to begin with (3%). However, know offenders simply play on believers desire to see the good news glow.

We also assign our own morality to others. We would not ever even consider hunting a human for their flesh. We protect vulnerability – we wrong this that all others do likewise. We ASS-U-ME to the peril of our most precious.

We also give ourselves credit that we ought not. We believe, again to the peril of ourselves and others, that we will KNOW an offender when we see one. We believe we cannot be fooled – we are some cases – dead wrong.

We lack a cognitive framework to understand how an offender targets, grooms & gratuitously uses others for his gratification. We cannot fathom this sort of conduct, therefore we blindly assign explanations that fit our understanding of the world. This is dangerous.

We think sexual abuse so heinous that even when an offender confesses to some aspect that he can’t cover, we continue to defend that he is redeemable. Indeed he may have spiritual needs, but he is NEVER to be trusted with the vulnerable again.

I have survived men such as these. Unreservedly, blind bystanders grieve me the most. It is not that wicked men eat the soft flesh of others – this surprises me not. It is the blind allegiance to these men in the face of falsehood that grieves me so.

There are those who do not know because they choose not to know. There are others who do not know because they have not been taught. A.C. Is one of the latter. He is a precious pastor (90 years young) who ministered to my family briefly in 1982.

It takes time and training to build a cognitive framework on the MO of predators. The truth is terribly disturbing. We owe it to ourselves and others to take the time and the training. “My people,” says He, “perish for lack of knowledge.”

Indeed, we do.

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