Two Words…

Guest Post by Brad Thompson, husband of a sexual abuse survivor. Families of victims often incur secondary trauma when their spouses are victimized.

I lie still beside you and listen to your peaceful slumber.

As you stumble out of bed fumbling to button up your night-shirt.

As I look upon your soft barely awake face,

I catch eyes applauding when they see me

Your form has my eyes riveted,

Your blushing.

A mother.

A wife.

A friend.

A lover.

As I look back and look forward,

As I dream and regret,

My heart and mind grasp for utterance.

What can capture this essence?

How do I explain this to myself?

I’ve never dared admit this before,

To give voice to life found.

Things long hoped for…

Expression rebukes silence.

Courage overpowers fear.

Know and be known.

Give voice to your heart…

My beloved,

I must cry out,

Say what is true

You are and always have been…

Captivating and Beautiful.