Tender Thoughts From A Soft Heart…

I walked into her room this morning, the one with the bashful blue wall and the sea glass lamps. I spoke softly to the little lump, sleeping safely in her skin.

“It is time, my love,” said I, as the lamp illuminated the room.

Love awakens. 

I open the closet and look for the white school uniform top from yesterday. I find it crumpled in a corner with clothing type friends. “Dear girl,” I softly say to the sleepy lump, “We must hang our clothes.”

Love chides. 

“It is rainy and warm today…”

Love informs.

“What would you like to wear today?”

Love asks.

She dresses and shares a private complaint about a personal place. I ask if I may see, provide explanation and help her to get appropriate relief.

Love protects. 

I make her the breakfast burritos she requests…

Love nourishes. 

While she eats I gently comb and braid her long brown hair.

Love beautifies. 

“Good teacher, what are the greatest of these commands?”

Love Him. Love others. Love yourself.

As sweet, soft, and true as a school girl.