The Did’s, The Did Not’s & The Done Too

There are folks in every survivors life who should have and Did Not.
There are likewise folks who Did and should never have.

Abuse survivors run gauntlet with the Did’s and the Did Not’s on the sidelines…
Defending themselves when the should have been protecting the Done Too.

I would like the Did’s to know the following:

1. You ate what you should have fed.
2. You plundered what you should have protected.
3. You stole what you should have shored up.
4. You broke what you should have built.

I would like the Did Not’s to know the following:

1. You abandoned the abused.
2. You neglected the needy.
3. You knew and you chose not to know.
4. You washed your hands of the weak.

I would like the Done Too to know the following:

1. You can rebuild what’s brutally broken.
2. Straight paths can be made with crooked sticks.
3. Your ruin is their responsibility; your recovery is yours.
4. You can tend to, stay with, build up, and protect the weak.

The destiny of the Done Too can be different from the Did’s and the Did Not’s.


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