About Me


I am a mother to five, a wife, a professional and a person… 

A Person To Whom Things Happened. 

I have been a student of the human body for the past twenty-five years. This career path has developed in layers, over many years of higher learning, experience and advanced certificates. It has been an extraordinary privilege to assist in the restoration of thousands of patients/clients as part of an allied health care team. This has been a calling, a consummate passion and will remain so. It is, however, a season of change, a time when I personally and professionally am compelled to jump tracks mid-course and move toward a very different destination; I wish to become a student of sexual abuse.

I am a Survivor.

In one sense, I have always been an informal student of sexual abuse. As a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect, I have an honorary undergraduate degree acquired by “lived experience” Being born into the home of a violent, alcoholic, pedophile had its lessons – I learned them well. I graduated my home at fifteen with a perfect A.C.E. Score of 10 (meaning it couldn’t get any worse for adverse childhood effects ACE Study); determined to overcome my circumstances. Given that I had made a careful study of my father for years, I foolishly thought I had predation down pat – I was wrong. Predators are not exclusively the easily identified pagan peddlers of innocence that I understood so well – tattooed, toothless, trashy men who torture children. I have personally suffered at the hands of predators in education, health care, clergy, and industry. Evidence indicates that predators who are the most nefarious are commonly upstanding, contributing, pious men. Startling Statistics Clergy Sexual Misconduct  Open Up Your Eyes 

My specific goal is too first to study, then to educate and widely communicate on, the anatomy of childhood sexual abuse and the link to repeated revictimization. To quote Jim Collins, there are two ways to change the world, “the pen (the use of ideas) and the sword (the use of power). In the face of powerlessness – I have chosen the pen.

I am a Communicator.

It is my conviction that people in pain are best served by compassionate, caring individuals who are well informed and armed with evidence-based information. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow, and study, with a view to serving others through evidence-based, empathic communication.

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