About Me

Lori Anne Thompson lived a life marked by adverse childhood experiences of physical, sexual, psychological, emotional abuse, parental separation, alcoholism, incarceration, domestic violence, and a devastating deprivation. Upon turning to the evangelical faith community for help and support, she was revictimized spiritually, financially, and sexually by clergy in adulthood. Lori Anne now seeks to serve the survivor community through selective speaking, extensive writing, and in her role as an intake specialist at a survivor-centric law firm. She graduated from Queens University, Canada, earning a Bachelor of Science Honours Kinesiology and Magna Cum Laude Master of Child Advocacy & Policy from Montclair State University. She is distinguished member of Alpha Epsilon Lamba Society. She works as a Registered Kinesiologist in private practice and as an intake specialist for a survivor-centric law firm. She is devoted to her family, continuing education, and empowering her fellow survivors.

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