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Sexual Revictimization – National Sexual Violence Resource Center 2012
This research brief explores the correlation between childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and subsequent sexual victimization in adulthood. The articles published between 2000 and 2011, demonstrate the significant link between childhood and adulthood sexual revictimization, as well as related health problems.


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Clergy Sexual Abuse

How Clergy Sexual Misconduct Happens: A Qualitative Study of First-Hand Accounts

“Overall, 3.1% of women who attend religious services at least monthly reported that at some time during their adult life, they had been the object of a sexual advance by a clergy person or religious leader in their own congregation; more than half of those (2.2% of the whole sample) report sexual advances by a religious leader who was at the time married to someone else. Thus, one in 33 women in congregations has been the object of a sexual advance by a religious leader; or, more narrowly, one in 40 women who attend a congregation has been the object of an illicit sexual advance by her own married religious leader (Chaves & Garland, forthcoming).”