The Sea, The Stigma and The Stigmata

“In Greek and Latin, stigma was a mark or brand, especially one that marked a slave, so a stigma marked a person as inferior. ” – Merriam-Webster

Competence and Care in Advocacy

In the name of “care,” some of the suffering have been led astray; the hopeless harmed; the fragile, fragmented; the exposed, exploited.

Great Knots of Knowing

I am still lashed to the mast of my faith. The storm is over, the waves and the wind have obeyed.

Vulnerability Hangover

Now, I’m not much of a drinker, I like to have lots of self-control within easy reach. After that raw discourse yesterday, I have a vulnerability hangover.

To Whom It Should Concern:

This was not then, and is not now, a power neutral conversation. The alleged offenders are esteemed members of your organization and alleged Christian leaders.