Blessed are The Naughty and Narcissistic…

Blessed are the naughty and narcissistic;

For this is their kingdom.

Blessed are those who are never wrong;

To their followers, they are unquestionably right.

Blessed are the pious, the proud, the powerful;

For they will inherit a private jet, a yacht, book deals, and global privileges.

Blessed are the fat and satisfied with themselves;

For they will always hunger for more.

Blessed are the merciless,

For they will have a heap of victims at their feet to elevate themselves.

Blessed are the cunning and corrupt in heart;

For they have sufficient savvy and social clout to cover it up.

Blessed are those who colluded to cover elite deviance;

For they will be called “well paid public relations people.”

Blessed are those who are elevated and immune to their choices;

For they will have no earthly consequences.

Blessed are you when people applaud you, laud you, defend you from all the “evil said against you.” Rejoice and be glad! For in the same way that they have elevated you, they have done to pious predatory pastors before you.

Reference: The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5, Verses 1-12; Adapted for Modern Day Mega Churches and Maleficent Ministries Worldwide

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