Clergy Sexual Abuse: The Issue

It occurs to me that for many, it is easier to believe that otherwise sane victims of clergy sexual abuse could possibly be luring “vulnerable” pastors into illicit acts than, it is to believe that a trusted cleric could be a predator in the pulpit.


Clergy sexual abuse is not a “both sides are to blame” issue. It is not. It is not. It is a one side ate. Other side was eaten issue. It is the powerful by position consuming the less powerful by position issue. It is a “She said, he DID issue.”

It is the trusted eating the trusting issue. It is a predator and prey issue. It is a pastor and parishioner issue. It is a cleric and congregant issue. It is an abuse of power issue. It is a criminal issue. It is a traumatic sexualization issue. It is a betrayal trauma issue.

It is not a hyper-sexualized, needy, dependent, father-fractured, woman or minor who seduces an overworked, sorely tempted cleric issue. It is not. It is not. It is a paraphiliac issue. It is an eating what you are supposed to feed issue. It is a spiritual slaughter issue. It is a a victimization issue.

Let us be clear on the issue.

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