Tiny Tutors

A good student I hope to be, learning well my lessons whilst you are young enough to educate.

Scaffolding The Soul

Scaffolding: a temporary structure used to enhance the safety of the soul while repairing the ruins.


I’m about to spit nails. People wield the language of CHOICE like a weapon. I’ll tell you who talks about CHOICE like that… People who damn well have it. That’s who.

Social Media Salvation

I watch the horizon for hope as one shipwrecked on the shores; as one banished by brutality. I watch until my eyes are exhausted, my neck in a noose of tension, my shoulders sobbing at me to stop.

The Lonely Room of Ruin

To be born, to be recklessly kept, and to be nobody’s – is the root of ruin. My ruin.

Memory, Misery, and The Manger

As Advent advances, I feel an increasing ache that only the maggots and the manager bring. It is an ache one long-held in ransom; one born in lonely exile; one exhausted by expectation.