An Update From LA

I left Twitter just one week ago. It is strange to delete oneself; to clear with a click years of carefully curated conversations; to rip out the pages of virtual life and watch them waft away.

Nothing remarkable has happened. There has been both grief and relief. Both and once again.

I have fallen ill with COVID for the first time and that has been a miserable bit of meandering though fever, cough, and increasing isolation. I do not do a bed of sickness well, but I do know anyone who does. I thought I might read at length and found that I succumbed only feverish sleep, truncated by the occasional episode of from the BBC. I washed my hair for the first time in a week. I fear I resembled Medusa. Things are smoother now, if not still feverish.

I find that I welcome correspondence now, where I once declined it. I have marginally more to give to those who reach out, I find my well less empty, my soul, though sick in body, less depleted. I feel content in this increased capacity for communion with myself and others.

I continue to watch justice unfold and marvel at its path. The way has been precipitous, the cost incalculable. I feel such sorrow for what could have been, what should have been, and grieve over what currently is.

I have no other great revelation, just a slowly growing sense of grounding in the present; in these four walls; in these four people; in this canine companion; in these close connections.

Please take care of you. You are worth taking care of.


4 thoughts on “An Update From LA

  1. Lori Anne, you are such a blessing for so many victims, helping them survive and learn to thrive again. You are a pioneer in the recent wave of accountability for perpetrators. Sorry you are suffering from Covid. I pray God heals you and continues to bless you.

  2. Lori Anne There is an empty space where I used to connect to you on an almost daily basis. I miss that so very much. Years of pain and joy. I am sorry you were ill. Yuch! I still think of you often and miss you.
    I am recovering well and I am going back to work! Love you so much.

  3. Oh dear one! I hold you so in my soul. You have inspired me more than I can convey. You have my email right? I’m so so so pleased you are well and recovering. 💐💐💐

  4. Thank you, Martin! What a journey it has been. Courage is the single best contagion, COVID be damned. I too am grateful for you. Each one of us has such an important role to play. As a man, you bring something to the table that I cannot. I am grateful you use your energy in that way. 🌱🙏💕

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