I’m about to spit nails. People wield the language of CHOICE like a weapon. I’ll tell you who talks about CHOICE like that… People who damn well have it. That’s who.

From Victim to Victim Advocate

We have this false notion that because we “know” someone to be upstanding in the light, that somehow they are upstanding in the dark. This does not bear out with the lived experience of millions of survivors or evidence.

Deep Memory, Maggots & The Manger

Deep memory wakes me in the night, like wormwood – when the bitterness you left behind seeps through the unguarded chinks in my mind. Your seed, the one with which you inseminated my soul; is rotting and wriggling like maggots from their parasitic placenta. In my slumber, you and your many faces come to me. You charm, coax, rub, hope, cajole, invite, entice, expect and enter. I avoid, explain away, rationalize, minimize, make excuses for, give in and finally open myself to the decay of you. I panic and wake myself, feeling the movement of imaginary maggots that I am certain must be there.

The Foam of Your Shame

“They are… wild ocean waves leaving nothing on the beach but the foam of their shame.” Jude 1:13

Cunning, Calculated Compassion

I naively assumed that a man’s deposit of warmth, tenderness, interest or compassion was authentic. It never occurred to be that compassion could cover the exoskeleton of a hardened heart or become a means of personal gain.