A Treaty With Me

Dear Weary Ones, Years ago I made the deliberate choice (a treaty with myself of sorts) to do the following: 1. Speak only good about myself, sure work on what I see as problem areas, but I would not constantly berate/judge myself ever again. 2. I would never obsess over my weight. I would simply…

The Courageous, The Coward & The Christ

Disclaimer: The following piece is referencing abuse in faith-based communities. Underlying this post is the caustic notion that victims are somehow responsible to face their offenders; to adjudicate justice against their offender; when just facing another day takes all the courage they have. It hits on the pretentious Pontius Pilates who smugly wash their hands…

The Sea, The Stigma and The Stigmata

“In Greek and Latin, stigma was a mark or brand, especially one that marked a slave, so a stigma marked a person as inferior. ” – Merriam-Webster

Competence and Care in Advocacy

In the name of “care,” some of the suffering have been led astray; the hopeless harmed; the fragile, fragmented; the exposed, exploited.