Restore Conference 2023


On Oct 13 and 14 we are set to gather at Judson University in Chicago, Illinois for the Restore Conference 2023. I am anticipating this as a precious time with you. I will be speaking on recovery and empowerment. This is the last time I expect to be making a presentation the public arena for awhile. For me, the season of quietness has come. It is a a season of sweetness and simply I wish to savour it.

Join me, join us, as we walk this path of restoration together.

Lori Anne

4 thoughts on “Restore Conference 2023

  1. Thank you for your advocacy.

  2. Lori Anne , I want to write you . I can have your email please ?

  3. May God grant you the healing and peace of retiring and rest in Him.
    You are precious, beloved and the apple of His eye. Praying for you and your family…from the Upper Ottawa Valley

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