His Truth, My Truth and The Truth

I urge you to contemplate the small, subtle and spectacular difference as defined herein. This may cause you to consider relinquishing the term, “My truth” and replace it with THE TRUTH. You are, after all, Truth Tellers NOT Opinionated Liars.

The Toll & Undertow of Trauma

Trauma is a perpetual gift – one that pays compound interest to not just the soul and spirit – but also the body.

The Sea, The Stigma and The Stigmata

“In Greek and Latin, stigma was a mark or brand, especially one that marked a slave, so a stigma marked a person as inferior. ” – Merriam-Webster

Competence and Care in Advocacy

In the name of “care,” some of the suffering have been led astray; the hopeless harmed; the fragile, fragmented; the exposed, exploited.