A Manifesto of Sexual Abuse

Dear Reader,

As I wrote this, I wept both grief and rage. Words wield immense power. Do not be afraid to listen to your insides as you read. If you have been hunted, you will recognize the contours of this seductive snake. He will have coiled around some part of you and choked out all life. Please tend to yourself as you read. These words will wait for you. 
I come to you in Peace; abuse came to you in War. 

In Solidarity, 

Lori Anne 

“I am a hunter and the best – a predatory beast. 
You are the hunted, the prey and the least.”
– Lori Anne Thompson

I will come to you along the lines of relationship.

I will find you where you are the weakest… your vulnerability makes me salivate.

I will come to you once or repeatedly, it matters not; my needs are satisfied with momentary or long-term abuse.

I will shatter your sexuality in seconds and you will work for the rest of your life to pick up the shards with broken hands.

I will slither my way into the tender places of your body, soul, and spirit.

I will crawl into the small spaces reserved for the sacred and commit sacrilege.

I will sidle up to your deepest needs.

I will cull your trust with cunning caresses and compassionate care.

I will invite you into a choice-less choice…

I will cackle when you “choose” in chains.

I will inseminate you with my evil so that I will forever be a part of you – for generations.

I will use all of your natural needs to lure you, lie to you, lie with you and lie about you.

I will coax a response from your body, even the touch you crave – you will abhor.

I will fragment your mind and enslave your will.

I will spin around you, through you, surround you and eventually… enter into you.

I will feast on you, you are fodder only for my hunger.

I will never slumber and you will never sleep – without me, again.

I will steal your peace, your trust, your hope, your faith, your dignity and your glorious voice.

I will contaminate all of your relationships.

I will continue to give you these relational ‘gifts’ long after I am gone.

I will do all that I can to ensure your silence; my power is limited but you do not know that.

I will mix a perfect cocktail of truth with a soothing elixir of lies; strengthening my diabolical deception.

I will blame you. I will tell myself that you like it – you wanted it even. If you were not such a whore, this would not be happening to you.

I will cause you to betray your own body.

I will breach all of your boundaries.

I will break all that is beautiful.

I will incite you to scream in silence.

I will murder your soul but leave behind the shell of your physical frame.

I will hide the evidence of my crime just behind your eyes.

I will caution you, I have but one weakness… Truth.

I will have none of that.

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