Dear Little Girl…

Dear Little Girl,

We are in our kitchen at present.

I am making food that will nourish you, and you are making crafts that will please you. Your hair, yesterday tied into two braids, is unwound now, leaving beautiful beach waves through that soft brown hair. Little girl, you know it not, but beautiful you are now, and more beautiful you will soon become.

I have spoken truth to you and required truth of you since speech was formed on your lips. We live in a world, where speaking the truth matters not, and where lies are more easily believed than the truth that you will speak.

You are yet naive, your sexuality latent, your confidence secure. I have protected you from those who would steal, kill and destroy the garden of you, keeping you close to me, watching careful the schoolyard of your life. Fiercely protective I have been. I will, my precious one, teach you in time, how to protect yourself – for protection you will need.

I want you to know that you must watch what people do, more than what people say. Words are a cover for a callous heart. I also want you to be very cautious. Time will test all things and all people. I urge you little one that this world that you inhabit is indeed, “a place to be suspicious.”

Little girl, by degrees your littleness will leave. By degrees so will you.

I want you to know that I will always believe you and believe in you. I, who have housed you, birthed you, guided you, and protected you will someday leave you too.

Yet, as long as I’m living little girl, I will be here to listen, to talk, to walk, to nourish, to confide, to hold, to help. Long after I am gone, my words and my love I will leave to you to wrap up in when your heart grows cold.

I love you dear little girl. I love the woman you will become. Have courage and hope my little girl, for you will need both.




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