2018 In Review

1. I/we survived (this was still seriously in question).

His Silence

2. I left what was a 25 year career in the health field because trauma truncated and took over.

3. We made a decision to leave a toxic environment created by #churchtoo.

4. I completed a course of four trauma intensives that covered the first 18 years of abuse. Phew. Only 22 more years to go.

5. I joined a community center and slowly started to uncurl my body from the curled up ball it had become from cumulative trauma.

6. I wrote for a #churchtoo documentary coming out this spring with an incredible production company.

TBA Spring 2019

7. After the filming I had two things I had never had before: deeply true fellows and a restored voice.

8. I was invited to speak at The Courage Conference where I mustered all my courage. There I met so many precious people.

9. I found my brave.

10. I was accepted to grad school. I succeeded with a 93% in my first course, which I assumed was a fluke. The outcome of the second course was the same.

11. I decided that I was on the right track and had not lost my mind amid the #churchtoo trauma train wreck.

12. I watched as a child I love, walked with the man I love and grew from a Me to a We.

This is Us.

13. I cried – a lot. I smiled some too.


14. I set up home where nobody knows my name and I like it that way.

15. I wrote 64 posts about sexual abuse at https://loriannethompson.com 

16. I watched as credible victims spoke the truth and the misguided masses believed powerful liars.

17. I spoke the truth within the confines of my treaty.

18. In 2019, I will watch and wait while the truth does what He says it must.

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