The False, The True & The Task

The False

The congregation listened raptly… I dare not say there was no divine reality concerned in his utterance… it was not such glimmers that fettered the regards of the audience, but the noisy flow and false eloquence of the preacher. In proportion to the falsehood in us, are we exposed to the falsehood in others. The false plays upon the false without discord, comes to the false and is welcomed as the true. There is no jar, for the false, to the false, look the true. Darkness, takes darkness, for light. Great is the darkness.”” – George MacDonald


The True

The aforementioned quote requires little exposition…

Where you or I have believed the false, for whatever the reason, you and I will readily believe the false in others AND accept it as true. This creates a petrie dish for perversion.

The Task

The task is no less than, and perhaps more than, the following:

To speak truth to the lies, though your voice quakes;
To live in the light, though you are accustomed to the dimness of despair;
To hold the torch of truth to the dragon that is deception;
To firm up your boundaries and shore up your seawalls, though in disrepair, disarray and disrepute, they may be.
To guard, keep, and occupy the ground you have gained;
To set a watch over your heart; keeping carefully the wellspring of life;
To fix a firm gaze on the plumb line, measuring the crooked to the straight;
To find all the wrong sums, and right them, regardless of how long it takes.

When light ignites the night – greater still is the Light.

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