Speaking To the Deep

Note: Like any poly-victimized person, there are many “hes” and a few “shes.” For the sake of simplicity, I have written this in the personal pronoun “he.”

I want to say this calm and clear as if I were speaking to the deep.
I wish to speak True to the ocean of his lies.
NO offender will fuel my future.
He took some of my yesterdays, he will not thieve the days that remain.


As the memory of the flesh you sunk your teeth into turns to maggots in your malfeasant mind, my memory and mind are mending. Even as the cobwebs of your deceit cover your corruption, I walk with the ease of the true. Justice I may not see, but Justice lives in me.


It is Lewis I soberly paraphrase as I say, “You must hatch or go bad.” The deceptive decay has set in. As you age, you will rot, as I age, I will ripen. It brings me peace to know that justice has its way even in secret and silence.


It comforts me is that the universe is true, though you be false. That all creatures become according to the nature of their kind. That your loud NO and my quiet yes to the flint face of Truth is justice enough for me. It must be.


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