As You Go

You leave today, you and he, now an established We.
As you go there are some things I want you to remember.

Live your life as the loved person that you are.
You don’t need a partner, but you have chosen one.
You have chosen well and been chosen well.
You are about to make many investments in the present and in the future:
Cars, homes, education, employment… and in time, children if you choose them.
Your partner is the greatest single investment that you can make.
Invest wisely.
All other areas of life will weaken if your partnership is fragile,
All other areas of life will strengthen if your partnership is fertile.

I urge you to seek to know yourself first.
Know your own weakness and frailties,
it will keep you humble in the face of the humanity of your partner.
You have many strengths, likewise, you also have specific weaknesses.
Seek to live from your strengths, seek to minimize the weaknesses.

All life flows from relationships, my dear. All.
Seek to know and be known by safe people.
As you know, not all people are so.
Protect yourself and each other from harm.

You will live in a home with many rooms.
Likewise, those rooms will have many boxes.
There are things you must do and only you can do.
Put those in your own box first.
Then there are things that must be done, but can be shared,
split those between your boxes.

Sometimes your partner’s box will be all over the floor.
Kneel down and help pick it up without judgment.
No one likes to be quietly yelled at when their box falls.
Your box may fall someday.
Similarly, your box may get bumped and stuck.
Let your partner pull you out of the muck.
Muck is sticky stuff.

Make friends with each other and other people.
Be nice to your neighbor.
Everyone is your neighbor.
Forget not that as you go together you must also grow together.
Even as your trees both bear fruit, stop to enjoy the shade of the other.
Even as you sit and enjoy the forest with all its wonder, seek the wisdom of the bigger trees.

Forget not the dust that formed you.
It is the same grit that will keep you.

Do your Mumma proud.

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