Christian Faith After #ChurchToo?

After repeated #churchtoo slaughter and #institutionalbetrayal I have decided that even if Christendom be false — I will live as if Christ be true. I know of no higher ethic; no greater heart; no finer hero.

Make no mistake, Christendom has been no friend to me.

I do not fit the mold of certainty. Which is to say, I cannot be certain that Christ be true, but I can say with certainty that Christendom is not.

How far the body is from its supposed head.

But I have decided to cast my lot with the pathos, ethos and logos of the Christ.

Please don’t @ me or chastise me for my lack. This faith, or what remains after #churchtoo is one of choice, not blind trust. It is one that found diabolical darkness masquerading as light — but who still chooses to live as if light is more true than night.

Perhaps, in the end, that is what Christian faith should be — an informed choice. Eyes wide open to the harm of Christendom, with arms wide open to the hope of Christ.

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