Oppress Me Not.

I realize that while those who wish to smear survivors are mighty, those who wish to unite with them are many. Wherever the mighty subdue the many, oppression is hard at work. We must learn to think critically about the pedagogy (learning) of power and the praxis (practice) of oppression.

Our oppressors are brilliant in thier structure and strategy to maintain the balance of power. We the oppressed must become liberators by learning. Knowledge has always been power. Language is critical to naming abuse and oppression as well as rightly assigning blame. Whoever controls the naming has always controlled the narrative.

If we can learn to name the power structures that are content to “keep us silent” “keep us as an underclass” then my dear fellows, we can be empowered to rise up within and without as a liberating force for ourselves and others.

Rise up.
Bring liberty.
Be liberty.

We must be well advised that there are whole systems of immensely well funded power that enjoy the benefits of the powerless multitudes. I fear they like it that way. If you do not fear the same… speak up against the abuses of the powerful. Give it a go. I’ll wait.

Abuse survivors stand as some of the MOST oppressed people on the bloody planet. They take thier place among the marginalized that the maligned. The trauma is internalized, so is the shame, and all of the blame. Make no mistake abuse is ALWAYS about power.

Never again should you ever asses any abuse allegations without power as part of the equation. You would be well advised to become acutely aware of your own power. Watch warily how others use thier power. School yourself in the ways the the powerful claim to be powerless and assign power to the powerless.

Go and be Liberty. Go be Light. Go hold it for those whose hands have frozen cold and who have lost their grip. Warm them back to their own humanity. Give them time to get back their grasp. Ask gentle questions to help them find thier thoughts. Let them think and help them think MUCH.

Sit clear headed while they sort through the fog and the fracture. Partner with them in their own empowerment. Offer lunch and language. Wait while they consume both. Be human to the dehumanized. Hold the rags while they wipe of residue of ruin. Let them find and rebuild themselves again.

Go forth and find others together. Be as common creatures in a common struggle. Seek not to rule. Let not yourself be ruled again.

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