Life After Lockdown

Re-emerging into life after lockdown is an equal parts fear, failure, and frustration.

While others were living — you were trying not to die.
While others were establishing relationships — you were recovering from ruin.
While others were being educated — you were being eviscerated.

Some of moorings that tether you to community may be irreparably imploded by trauma.


Also no.

Faith community?

Lifelong friends?



Some of the things that brought you the most pleasure may now sources of intense pain. Recreating sources of leisure, belonging, interest, communion, and contribution — is a renovation in slow motion.

You may live small where you used to live large.
You may fast where you used to feast.
You may tense where relaxation once reigned.
No — life is not the same sort of life — after lockdown.

The heaviness of life after lockdown may be highlighted by the lamp of another life lived lightly.

  • They manage plans — while you still manage pain.
  • They have a history spoken of freely — while you still struggle to speak of it at all.
  • They step into life lightly — while your feet are shod in heavy wounded shoes.
  • They avoid their mothers calls — and you have a mother that never calls.

It is not impossible to recreate life after lockdown— but is hard — damn hard.

What can you do? I am so glad you asked….

Hold steady the light.
Welcome home heavy wounded feet.
Their way has been soaked with sorrow.
Share it.
Sop it up with absorbent kinship and kindness.
Make plans.
Lessen the load.
Alleviate the lonely.
Be small enough (it’s hard to be friends with giants).
Be kind.
Seek strength.
Strengthen weakness.
Give opportunity.
Reflect reality.
Herald hope.
Welcome home.
Inform choice.

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