To Speak or Not To Speak

To speak or not to speak — that is the question.

Victimization steals vocabulary, voice and the courage to combine the two.

By the time the victim screws up the courage to speak of the villain — the villain may have a condition that now makes him “a victim.”

Once a carnivore — now consumed,
Cell by malfeasant cell.
Surely you cannot condemn the dying.
Surely you cannot speak ill of the dead.

The morgue gives rise to silence.
The ministry apparently too.
The dead take their deeds to the dirt.
Ashes to abhorrent ashes,
Dust to diabolical dust.

Dead men tell no lies,
But the lies they leave behind.
Falsehood is embalmed.
Truth is entombed.

To speak, or not to speak — that is the question.


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