The Greatest Apologetic

When the defenders of the faith rise up to defend the defenceless in the faith — it restores unto both the defender and the defenceless — the truth of the faith.

When abuse occurs in the name of the Almighty; when the sacred has been sexualized; when prayers are used to prey; when holy writ has been twisted — abuse is conflated with the aforementioned.

Those who rise up to defend the defenceless are revealing the true face of God, not only to the victims, but also to themselves.

If “love is the greatest apologetic,” then surely all manner of abuse is the greatest leading cause for loss of love for, and trust in, the Almighty.

Long before I was defended by defenders of the faith, I had decided that even if Christ be false, I would follow.

I know of no other example more beautiful, if true.

Conversely, never have I known of an example more vicious, vitriolic, and victimizing than those whose heart be false, but whose face proclaimed the true.

It has been a mind bending and heart rending experience.

To finally be defended and believed — has been the greatest apologetic to me.

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