Blame & Broken Glass

We are uncomfortable with the fact that human beings hunt other human beings: they target, they track, they entrap, and they eat the vulnerable according to their own terrifying tastes. Predators know this and they hedge their bets that you do not.

Protect accordingly.

The overwhelming majority of predators are persuasive predators.


They use the power of persuasion, personality, and position to gain access to, to groom, and to abuse their victims. They don’t break windows.

They walk though unlocked doors.

Persuasive predators knock on unlocked doors nicely.
They will point out points of entry to preserve their prey.
For whom?

For themselves.

Persuasive predators cause victims to feel complicit in their own abuse, as if having door in the first place, was their own fault.

“Did YOU open the door?
Why was the door unlocked?
What were you wearing when he opened the door?
Why do you even have a door?
You should have had a wall.
Shame on you — for being in your own home — with a door of all things.”

Many victims, if they survived an unlocked door, now lock every single door — twice.
They set alarms.
They install security cameras.
They get dogs.

When they sleep at all, survivors sleep on guard, listening for the blame of broken glass.

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