Scaffolding The Soul

1. Scaffolding is a framework erected for workers to safely work while something is under construction. It is a place where the worker can be anchored, hold supplies, and rest, without constantly tearing down the support system. It helps you hold your place and reduces fatigue.

2. Scaffolding can be internal to a structure, or external to it, depending on the area being worked upon. Where you are doing internal work, you will need to set up and keep strong scaffolding to stay safe, upon which to rest, and to hold the ground you have gained.

3. If you are doing internal work, but have external scaffolding, your emotional health will continually collapse every time you are triggered, overtired, out of sorts, or overwhelmed. You must place the scaffold where it is needed, otherwise, you will fall like a house of cards.

4. Building careful psychological scaffolding is integral to collapse prevention. It literally and figuratively will give you a framework of understanding yourself, your internal milieu, and help you to navigate in the dimness of despair.

5. There are those who, lacking internal scaffolding, will build a robust external scaffold set. The outside of the structure becomes a fortress, while internally the structure is collapsing.

6. External Scaffolding: methods of self-protection from further abuse… they can be physical/practical (moving, changing the locks, getting a dog, screening your contacts, ending relationships, going no contact, getting a therapist etc.

7. Internal Scaffolding: learning your internal milieu, anchoring on some basic truths about yourself and your world, staying in a place of emotional stability, recognizing your triggers, finding and identifying our feelings, making a plan etc.

Whatever pathway you choose, make sure you choose it, constructing wisely the internal or external scaffolding required to protect your soul while you mend from your suffering.

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