What Has Helped My Recovery

The following things have helped my recovery from sexual trauma:

  1. Keeping a nonexistent digital footprint until I was ready to be found.
  2. Not sharing anything publicly until I was healthy enough to do so and keep myself safe.
  3. Finding a trauma-informed therapist, writing down all the trauma and systematically working through it until “it was finished.”
  4. Moving out of a toxic faith community and not seeking another until such time as I and my family are ready – if we ever are.
  5. Moving to a smaller home where I feel safe in a neighborhood where I am less isolated but also less known.
  6. Reducing my physical workload to something that I can maintain myself i.e. smaller residence with less outdoor/indoor work
  7. Starting to move my body and find some good in it.
  8. Discovering what self-care looks like for me and doing it.
  9. Reading ferociously and writing beautifully.
  10. Keeping and maintaining a TINY table of trusted friends.
  11. Not overly identifying with my abuser(s) by not providing them any rest free space or publicity.
  12. Taking a graduate program on advocacy and finding kinship with The Heroes – the survivor community.
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