Last Night

Last night the seal on sorrow broke
The bottle of brutality poured out
The dregs of despair drained
I drank in great gasping gulps
The air acidic with abuse

Last night I sobbed
As one swollen with the ethanol of evil
Whose face crumpled for the crushed
Whose bloodshot eyes leaked liquid loss
Blood shed for me
For many

Last night I swam in a sea of shame
Floated hopelessly on an ocean of oppression
Pulling the fragments of the future
From the pulversized and polluted past

Last night torrents of tears
Rained on my pillow for the pillaged
The powerless
The poor in spirit
Last night

P.S.: This is a metaphor for a night soaked in sorrow. Fret not, I cannot consume much alcohol. It sits with me poorly.

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