Speaking of Betrayal Trauma

Those who suffered betrayal trauma are often faced with the loss of covenantal community, the loss of meaning making, and a basic belief in the bedrock of their own identity within the institution. This #institutionalbetrayal disempowers and disembowels the individual. 


“Many people do not have the power of identity and story and meaning. Abused children do not have this power. Many women who have suffered betrayal trauma do not have this power. this power develops with close and trusting relationships with parents and others.” @jjforego


“Those who have been betrayed have their power taken away. They cannot tell their own stories, are not solid in their identity, and are increasingly isolated as they move into shame.” @jjforego


Part of how individuals move out of isolation and shame, is be empowered to tell our stories safely. The taut tripwire of trauma slackens; our stories bring us back to ourselves.


Your story changes you as you tell it. The barbs of brutality uncurl; the slivers of savagery slink away; the harm to your humanity hums instead of screams.


Tell someone safe today.

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