Spared by Silence? No.

If you know an elite deviant has committed egregious acts — you are ethically and in some cases criminally — responsible to disclose that information.

You believe that your silence will spare you?

No. It will not be so.

Perhaps liberation and justice will come from the mouth of another.

But you?

You who remain silent to cover your own ASSets?

There will be recourse or recompense for you.

Cowardice is universally reviled.

If you remain silent for your ministry; your “career” in caring; you have lost the very ethos of what it means to minister and to care.

Your silence speaks volumes.

It tells me that you  will not identify with the oppressed, for in speaking you would become one of them.

That would be too much like our Christ.

We will have none of that… or will we?

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