Musing from the Maligned & Marginalized

“Looking at the past must only be a means of understanding more clearly what and who they are so that they can more wisely build the future.” – Paulo Freire


“Access to knowledge is power.” – Judith A.B. Lee


Be wary of anyone who seeks to limit access to knowledge. They are likewise limiting choice, voice, agency, and volition.

That promotes victimization.

I desire to be a fellow, not a fan. Likewise, I also desire to have fellows, not fans. While I believe most everyone to be my better, my personhood/authority is not diminished by valuing the humanity of others. I crave reciprocity and equity with the a firm phileo foundation of mutual empowerment.

I no longer trust humans who seek to elevate and distance themselves from their fellow humans and who refuse to legitimately see the beauty, validity, and value inherent in their humanity. Likewise I have distanced myself from applauding academics, apologists, and experts who love the applause and the eager questioner, but does not welcome critical questions or wish to share power their platform with anyone but the already immensely powerful. If you have done the hard work to be an expert on anything, then that should also come with a Phd. in personal insight and and post doc in humility.

Most often it does not. 

As such, I am unlikely to follow or promote any person of verbal, spiritual, medical, psychological, theological, interpersonal, relational, disparity or violence. There is little that can be won by gross inequity fuelled by force. I am not saying that we ought not fight. We must. Liberation is not handed out or over without it. I am suggesting that we not become what we endured.

Let us embody liberty.

I recognize that in holding this egalitarian and democratic posture I neither not attractive to those who have patriarchal power, nor to those who wish to (rightfully) rip it out of their hands. I am not rapacious enough for some, nor submissive enough for others.

I cannot help but think that once the chains of oppression have been broken, the captives have been set free, and the day of deliverance has come — that is all for naught if we the oppressed then espouse the ethos of our oppressors.

No — we have what they have not — Love.



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