The Victimization of Jean Vanier, The Sexualization of the Sacred, The Accountability of L’Arche & What That Might Mean to You

The Victimization of Jean Vanier

Sexual abuse of adult women by manipulative men is absolutely nothing new AND it is ubiquitous. The deeply troubling aspect is that overwhelmingly — the victims of these predators are blamed for being prey.


  1. We wrongly ASSUME that women/men have equal power.
  2. We overlook the REALITY that powerful pastoral men have the capacity to be predators who eat those they are mandated to feed.
  3. We lack the COGNITIVE framework to comprehend the evil that pastoral predators do in the name of good.

Jean Vanier used his position as a spiritual advisor to gain the implicit trust, groom, traumatically sexualize, AND abuse at least six ADULT women. Four times as many pastoral predators abuse WOMEN than children.

The Sexualization of The Sacred

How did he manipulate these women?

He traumatically sexualized existing relationships and seduced using the sacred. He preyed upon not only their vulnerability — but their piety.

While I was not one of the victims of Jean Vanier, I have been likewise victimized in the same spiritual form and sexual fashion. No aspect of my life has been untouched by this serious assault to my body, soul, spirit, family, spouse, children, reputation, capacity, and cognition.

The Accountability of L’Arche

Reports indicate that before Jean Vanier died, women came forward — to little or no effect. Now, L’Arche Canada has chosen institutional courage and told the truth about about their beloved leader. 

What is the truth?

He did much good — he also did much evil — in the name of good.

The L’Arche community is to be commended for finally commissioning its current investigation and revelatory exposure of their beloved leader who sexually abused numerous women.

What That Might Mean to You

Should you (those in other faith based organizations) choose to follow L’Arche and exhibit institutional courage as defined and researched by Dr. Jennifer Freyd— you may survive. Should you continue in institutional betrayal — your ship may sink — and all you love, including your leader, may be entombed in shame. 

Victims of at any age or stage are not to be blamed for being sexually abused. You ought to place the shame and the blame where it belongs — on your beloved leader. Expose his actions before your complicity is likewise exposed. Do the right thing before you are outed too. Time IS running out.

I caution you not as one of the powerful — but as one who is observing something powerful at work. A reckoning is upon powerful men who repeatedly sexualize and steal sacred things from women: their bodies; their hope; their faith; thier capacity; their choice; and their voice.

I am one of the multitude of women who are so sick and tired of being traumatically sexualized, seduced, silenced, and blamed by powerful pastoral but predatory men and their equally powerful institutions.

Institutions should cast away cowardice and exhibit enough courage to vigerously investigate and “out” their ministerial malfeasors — before it is too late.

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