Resolved not Resigned

As a person, I am meek and empathic by design. Meekness does not, however, mean weakness. I am no longer willing to be brutalized by the blind — or silenced by the same. I will no longer give up what little personhood I have in the hopes the “powerful” will do what is right.

Time and again, I have held out the belief that if “they” (wave of the hand) really listened and understood, “they” would act and come alongside of the suffering. Time and again, I have found this to be a false hope that resulted in revictimization.

Time and again.

Am I resigned?


I am resolved.

“They” won’t listen and understand?
“They” won’t come alongside the slaughtered/suffering?
“They” won’t partner with the oppressed for their own liberation?
“They” won’t live the truth they know?

So be it.

I will, where “they,” won’t — and you should too.

What “they” think will ruin them would be for their pruning…

So Prune me.

What “they” believe will decrease their capacity to do good..

So Decrease me.

What “they” believe will be their undoing…

So Undo me.

Pruned, broken, and undone, I’d still rather embody truth than bury it.

That’s the rub folks.

The ruin can go far, but only so far.

There is a river of truth that cannot be touched by the false. It is an ethereal, eternal, and internal spring in the true that is untouchable (even undesirable) to the untrue. In fact, I think they fear it.

Else wise — they’d drink.

Do all that is within your personal power to do.
Then what?
Fret not.
There is no liberty in falsehood and it is for freedom we have been set free.

I urge you, in your freedom, to never use the same tactics that were used to oppress you in the name of liberation. Don’t become what you have endured.

Think it not possible?

Think again.

It is the easiest thing in the world to enable; to abuse your power; to be a blind bystander; to be brutal in your incomprehension; to slip into a coma of complicity.

Look around.

It costs to empower, engage, share your power, understand, and act for change.

Be the latter.

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