Interim Response Re: RZIM Sexual Abuse Investigation From Brad & Lori Anne Thompson

Brad & I are grateful for the recent public apologies and action of several RZIM employees who have been courageously speaking out and taking action. (Our personal wellbeing did not hinge on this.) It is our understanding that these individual apologists have paid a high price for their integrity. We do feel that burdened for those whose livelihood, safety, and stability has been interrupted by coming forward and being committed to the pursuit of truth with RZIM leadership. We do however, both feel it is important for all to understand predatory practices.

We are pleased to say that we have done much work and we jointly feel relieved for those who have courageously come forward. Being blind to be betrayal makes not only you vulnerable to predation, but others in your sphere.

We know this intimately.

Neither Brad nor I would ever condemn any sincere desire to understand the complex dynamics of betrayal blindness, and the staggering sequela of sexual victimization. We rejoice where there is sincere flowering of truth and we know how painful but protective it is to see.

It takes time and often overwhelming evidence to be able to entertain the possibility/plausibility that someone you love, admire, and respect could actually be a sexual predator — even when you are the victim(s).

Bystanders and employees can be their victims too.

We were targeted, groomed, exploited, malevolently litigated against, falsely accused as elaborate extortionists (which is an enduring narrative). Meanwhile, we were publicly maligned around the globe. Apologies should be as far reaching as the damage.

The damage is extensive.

As of this statement, we have not been contacted by the RZIM Headquarters investigatory team and it is our understanding that they have limited their scope to exclude our egregious abuse experience. We don’t agree with this course of action. No investigation will be complete without including all available victims.

Brad and I collectively applaud the individual employees of RZIM for their courage, whilst still calling RZIM Headquarters to full disclosure, complete transparency, and institutional courage, that as of yet, they have not demonstrated.

The recent statement from RZIM Headquarters bears resemblance to a discourse we often have with our children who have been caught in crookedness. They will deny the obvious. Then they will acknowledge only aspects of their conduct that they know can be proven, and even then, in the fashion in which sheds their person in the best possible life. This is a paediatric response to predatory praxis which ought to be set aside by the executive leadership of RZIM.*

Brad & Lori Anne Thompson

*Amended upon further reflection.

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